Why Ljubljana is the perfect weekend trip

There are many reasons why Ljubljana should be on your traveling list. Honestly, I think one doesn’t need a reason to travel, only a keen mind for adventure. But in case you need to be convinced, here are some reasons on why you should give Ljubljana a go. Yours, Pollybert

1.) You can reach it by train: Six hours on the train will bring you from Vienna to Ljubljana. If you drive, it’s even shorter by two hours. The train though was quite welcome and I used my time to read up on what I wanted to see. Not that you really need it, it’s enough to keep your eyes open. There’s something to see on every corner.

2.) An old town and a castle: Not only has Ljubljana a really beautiful old town, with amazing buildings, it also has a castle on top as you can easily recognize in the picture on top. The walk to the top is not too hard, so make sure not to miss it.

first impression @Ljubljana

3.) A river runs through: Take you time to stroll around the city and walk along the river channel Ljubljanica. Many bridges cross it, some in beautiful Art Noveau style with dragons, some a bit simpler but with stairs leading down to the water level.

dragon bridge @Ljubljana

bridge with stairs leading down to the channel @Ljubljana

I had booked a private room at Rooms Ambrozic right next to the Dragon Bridge. An ideal location to explore the city, but also within walking distance from the train station.

4.) It attracts a lot of attention: On this long weekend in August Ljubljana was full of tourist and I was more than happy that I had made reservations for a couple of restaurants in advance. Ljubljana is on the brink of becoming the next ‘hot place’ to be. So you maybe give it a go, before it becomes the next ‘Venice’.

lots of tourists during the high season @Ljubljana

5.) Excellent restaurants: Ljubljana certainly has a couple of really great restaurants. I was lucky enough to get to try two of them.

Lunch at Monstera Bistro @Ljubljana

6.) Great basketball players: The Slovenian national basketball team has reached the knockout stage in every championship since 2005.  It was fun watching the game on the streets.

basketball in the streets @Ljubljana

7.) Open kitchen: Every sunny Friday from March to November has an ‘open kitchen‘ with many different food stalls right next to the channel Lubljanica. Top chefs occasionally man a stall, and DJs and other artists provide entertainment.

the kitchen is open @Ljubljana

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