More impressions of Corfu

Corfu off the beaten track turned out to be extremely relaxing. Who would have thought that there wouldn’t be any signal at our apartment? Other people pay for that and we had it included at Angeliki apartment. The south of Corfu is still mostly devoid of mass tourism, the beaches are wonderful (some more than others), and the food delicious. Really, it can’t get much better than a vacation on Corfu with its mix of culture and nature.

Quite quickly we decided that this is an island which needs to be explored in full. And that cannot be done within a week , if you want to have some beach time as well. So here we go: Corfu, you will see us again! We had a great vacation! Yours, Pollybert

when the stars come out at night @Gardenos beach

lazy afternoon @Gardenos beach

On the way to the Achilleion palace we passed through Benitsai. We stopped because this small village had some old aqueduct, which was not worth seeing. But Benitsai itself looked very nice and is for sure a pleasant vacation spot.

a nice spot for lunch @Benitsai

After the disappointment of the closed Achilleion, we got coffee and juice at a nearby place. A pair of swallows sat inside and kept watch.

swallows guarding Sisi plates @Achilleion

While we sat and drank coffee we enjoyed the view over Corfu. Basically this is what Sisi was seeing more than a century ago, minus a couple of houses.

view over the island @Corfu

not as nice as Gardenos beach @Paramonas beach

trying to get your share @Angela’s taverna

Greece equals summer vacation equals sun downer.  What’s better than ouzo while in Greece?

sun downer @Taverna Baratos

The beach near Lake Korission was completely natural. Unfortunately also no shade. So even though the sand looked nice, I prefer some shade and a place nearby for drinks.

beach at Lake Korission @Paralia Chalikounas

waiting for everyone to get ready @Angeliki apartment

bookshop with a nice selection of English books @Corfu town

walking through the big city @Corfu town

blue @Lefkimmi

bell tower of the church @Benitsai

this has a touch of Venice @Lefkimmi

old fortress @Corfu town

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