Breakfast at Café Frida

Café Frida has a large terrace on the Yppenplatz, which on this warm October morning was more than welcome. At 9am it was still empty, but when we left an hour later the place was packed, with people waiting for our table. So a reservation is definitely wise.

terrace @Café Frida

The breakfast menu offers all kinds of omelettes, vegetarian and vegan dishes, sandwiches, savory French toasts, and some sweet dishes. I was wavering between the omelette with pastrami and the baked beans with a fried egg. In the end the pastrami won, because that’s not so common in Vienna (actually, neither is a baked beans dish). In hindsight, I should have ordered the beans.

omelette with pastrami @Café Frida

My friend got the other omelette, this one with spinach and feta, as well as two kinds of tomato spreads. One with hummus and the other with dried tomatoes. Personally I liked the spinach feta omelette better, it had just a lot more taste than the pastrami one. Also the oven roasted vegetables on the side looked kind of lifeless and way too brown.

omelette with spinach and feta @Café Frida

The neighboring table later ordered the baked beans with the fried egg and I really loved the look of it. Not sure how it tasted, but I got the impression that it was a winner. Hence the regret of not ordering it earlier.

The service at Café Frida was friendly and quick, we got water before we even ordered. When it got busy later, the staff was really occupied and it took a while to get their attention. Nice place for breakfast, with large portions. In case you do not get a table, there are other places around. Yours, Pollybert


Café Frida
1160 Wien, Payergasse 12
Tel: +43 678 1229464
Wed-Mon: 09:00-24:00, Tue: 16:30-24:00

breakfast @Café Frida

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