Walking around Ljubljana and getting up to the castle

One of the most prominent features of Ljubljana is the channel through the city. The pedestrian area around it, with lots of cafés and restaurants, made me wish for something similar at home. By day and by night this river and its environment lends the city a laid-back atmosphere. Roaming the banks of it feels so relaxed, despite the hordes of tourists. Where else can you go SUP in the middle of a city?

along the channel @Ljubljana

the channel at night @Ljubljana

The first high rise building of the Ljubljana is from 1933. It came recommended due to its architecture and the roof top bar.  Since it’s only a couple of blocks from the channel, that was where I headed next.  I longed for a drink away from the crowds with a nice view. While going up I could also admire the art-deco style. Unfortunately lots of people had the same thought, especially since there was a basketball tournament going on in the street below.

first high rise building Nebotičnik @Ljubljana

Beautiful sunny day and I decided I would head in the direction of the castle. Which looked wonderful from below. Imposing and old, and just how you think a castle should look.Once on top though, it had less appeal. Still, it’s only a short walk up and I passed all kinds of interesting things. There is also a funicular going up to the castle in case you are so inclined.

the castle from below @Ljubljana

The first interesting building I saw was the town hall, which had a fountain with an obelisk in front. Not really sure where the obelisk was coming from, but it loomed large over the pedestrian zone.

town hall to the left with obelisk in front @Ljubljana

The town hall is from the 15th century and has a large covered courtyard inside. Many other visitors lined up for a tour, so I only took a quick peek and off I went.

covered courtyard of the town hall @Ljubljana

Walking further along the street parallel to the channel was quite spectacular, with beautiful houses on both sides. The way up is not that long, but eventually the houses get smaller and it looks more rural. And all of that within five minutes of walking.

on the way up to the castle @Ljubljana

At the end of the street I was turning left up the hill, and already you can see that most houses only have two floors instead of the three I have seen before.

still walking up to the castle @Ljubljana

And just around the next corner most houses only had one floor. Kind of funny to notice that in a city, within a couple of hundred meters of walking.

up the castle hill @Ljubljana

Finally I arrived on top and felt immediately underwhelmed by the castle. It was definitely not as interesting once I saw it up close. Although from some angles it looked better.

finally getting close to the castle @Ljubljana

the castle @Ljubljana

At least the small church on top was impressive with its painted ceiling. It showed all the coats of arms of the many families who owned the castle and the lands around. Overall though, it’s better to be admired from below. Yours, Pollybert

church of the castle @Ljubljana

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