Breakfast at Gelage am Brunnen

Gelage am Brunnen is located at the furthest reaches of the 5th district. The Siebenbrunnenplatz must be nice in summer, but on this fall day we stayed inside. Inside the restaurant has two smaller rooms with a couple of tables each.

dining area @Gelage am Brunnen

The restaurant offers a large breakfast menu with a mix of Austrian, Mediterranea, and international dishes. Here you get everything from eggs Benedict to Shakshuka or Croque Monsieur. Usually I dislike such an all over the place menu, but it does work due to its unique twist. There is no room for pork here. So it’s either pastrami or turkey ham.

I went ahead and ordered the ‘Gelage’ breakfast, two fried eggs with pastrami. It arrived in a small cast iron pan, with a side plate of hummus, avocado, and olives. An interesting mix, but it certainly worked. The eggs could have been a bit more runny. Especially since the bread was wonderful and I just wanted to dip it in the yolk. No matter, I just cleaned the pan with it and then also finished the hummus. There was no need to season the eggs further, the pastrami worked its magic. Very delicious and of great quality.

‘Gelage’ breakfast @Gelage am Brunnen

The Shakshuka on the other hand didn’t fare so well. My friend disliked the eggplant in it and found it overall lacked tomatoes. He missed the sauce that comes from cooking the tomatoes. Probably for the same reason as I the runny yolks, he wanted to dip the bread. I was allowed to taste his dish though, okay a bit of eggplant, and I liked it though. Well seasoned and tasty. His dish came with a side helping of hummus as well, although it was not listed on the menu. The hummus was definitely a winner! I didn’t even know I needed that for breakfast.

Shakshuka @Gelage am Brunnen

Gelage am Brunnen might not be around the corner for me, but it’s definitely an option when I am in the area. The service was quick and friendly, the food tasty. Most surprising was the bread and hummus. For that alone I need to return. Yours, Pollybert


Gelage am Brunnen
1050 Wien, Siebenbrunnenplatz 2
Tel: +43 660 2031984
Mon-Sun: 09:00-24:00

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