Breakfast at Makom

Breakfast is like the holy grail of the weekend. Everything stands and falls with the start of the day. How wonderful then that Makom delivered the full package. Great food, with different dishes and a large selection, and friendly service. Israeli is always tasty, full of flavors and fresh produce. I had already experienced this while in Tel Aviv, so I was all about finding a place in Vienna for a  repeat performance.

Makom has a small terrace and a large dining area. We got one of the window tables and it was nice to notice that the there was no draft. What’s noticeable right away is that there is enough room between the tables, to give you privacy. Truly enjoyable, because so often you can follow the conversation next to you.

dining room @Makom

We ordered Ari’s Sabich, which is baked eggplant, hummus, Israeli salad, tahini, and a hard boiled egg served on a homemade pita. I got it with extra falafel, but honestly that would not have been necessary. The portion was large enough to satisfy the biggest eater. The combination of all these flavors and textures was wonderful. The Israeli salad was an interesting mix which tasted most of all of pickles. It worked well though with everything else on the plate. I really loved it, and so did my fellow breakfast diner, because I shared part of my meal with her.

Ari’s Sabich @Makom

The other breakfast dish was avocado bread with beetroot hummus, and sliced avocado on top of a brioche toast. This one we got with an extra poached egg. The egg looked a little bit lost, but the color combination was outstanding. Vibrant pink and green, this was an excellent combination. I heard no complaint, and the usual picky eater polished it all off in one go. Always a good sign!

avocado bread @Makom

I had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast experience at Makom. Each plate was beautifully arranged and it felt, as if a lot of thought was put into the dining experience here. Since the menu offers quite a bit more than what we tried, I definitely need to go back for some of the other dishes. What a great way to start into the day! Yours, Pollybert


1070 Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 18
Tel: +43 1 4315033
Mon-Thu: 11:00-22:00, Fri: 11:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00-23:00, Sun: 09:00-22:00


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