What and where to eat in Ljubljana

On my first evening in Ljubljana I ended up at Ljubljanski Dvor, a pizzeria along the Ljubljanica channel. Since it was quite cool with a lot of wind, I sat inside. Despite the wind, the terrace was packed, but also inside the restaurant was busy. I snagged  I ordered a pizza Treviso (tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, pepperoni, mushrooms, artichokes, bell peppers, oregano) and a large beer. It was just what I needed after a long day on the train and also spicy enough to keep me warm.

pizza Treviso @Ljubljanski Dvor

At Zvezda I was having coffee and ate a wonderful cherry strudel. The Zvezda was right next to the street basketball court, so I could check out the athletes while relaxing myself.

cherry strudel and coffee @Zvezda

Of course, while in Ljubljana I also need to try the Klobaso, a traditional Slovenian sausage made from pork. It comes with grainy mustard, horseradish, and a roll and is best eaten at Klobasarna. I passed this place while on route to the castle, unfortunately too early for a beer. So I enjoyed my sausage with some water.

traditional sausage @Klobasarna

I stopped for an afternoon coffee and strudel, this time cheese curd, at Slovenska Hiša, which means Slovenian house. I sat directly next to the water and watched the sparrows picking up crumbs.

sparrows looking for crumbs @Slovenska hiša

coffee and strudel @Slovenska hiša

Dinner one evening saw me at the Ala Pršuterija, a small tapas bar also along the channel. If you get the impression that I ate mostly around there, you are not wrong. Most of the city’s life is happening around here. Not only for the tourists, but for locals alike. Tapas at Ala Pršuterija have nothing to do with Spanish food, but rather with Slovenian  produce. My cold cut board would have been enough for two. I managed to finish most of the meat by cutting out the bread.

cold cuts for one @Ala Pršuterija

On my last day I ventured a bit further from the channel and ended at Le Petit Cafe for lunch. In typical French fashion I ate a salad with roast beef. Instead of getting it thinly sliced, the coffee house here put a real steak on my salad. It came sliced in thick strips and I was very happy with the nice portion.

roast beef salad @Le Petit Cafe

Ljubljana offers a wide range of amazing restaurants, from Michelin stared places to other great places. What impressed me most was the overall great quality of food and preparation, no matter where I ate. I can’t really say if there is enough variety for vegetarians, but there is definitely enough cake to choose from. Ljubljana is also a foodie’s destination. Yours, Pollybert

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