More impressions of Ljubljana

Even though I only managed to squeeze in one weekend to visit Ljubljana, I was more than impressed. The channel through the city gives the whole place such a relaxed atmosphere, but let’s not forget the castle which sits right on top. All of that in addition to an already Southern flair. People here like to spend their time outdoors as can be seen by the many terraces all over Ljubljana. It is of course most enjoyable while sitting down in a car free zone. And Ljubljana has a lot of those.

It’s the channel that divides the city but also fuses it together. The area around the water just beckons you to take a stroll and take it all in. Furthermore sculptures and murals are placed throughout Ljubljana. It’s best to take your time to soak it all up. Ljubljana is a place that needs to be discovered slowly. Yours, Pollybert

SUP in the city @Ljubljana

a chandelier hanging outside @Ljubljana

beautiful houses @Ljubljana

sculptures @Ljubljana

Art Deco buildings in the center @Ljubljana

the castle is always visible @Ljubljana

level differences easily corrected @Ljubljana

interesting water drain @Ljubljana

outdoor mood @Ljubljana

close up of the water drain @Ljubljana

all quiet on the water @Ljubljana

back alley @Ljubljana

a lot of empty space and one lonely tree @Ljubljana

fountain for drinking water @Ljubljana

drive through @Ljubljana

just love that building @Ljubljana

so many bridges going over the channel @Ljubljana

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