Exploring the south-western corner of Scotland

Scotland in fall is glorious. Actually, I assume Scotland is glorious all year round. But so far I’ve only ever managed to visit in fall and winter. Argyll and Bute is an area on the south-western side of Scotland, as are the Inner Hebrides with the Isle of Mull. So far I have bypassed these places on my many visits around Scotland. This time though we spent our days just around Argyll and Bute as well as two wonderful days on the Isle of Mull. Even though the area might not be such a tourist magnet as let’s say the Isle of Skye, it is worth exploring. In case you are looking for reasons to go, maybe this will help. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Taking the ferry
I wasn’t so sure if taking the ferry five times during this trip would agree with me. Lining up and getting on a ferry always felt like a big waste of time. Turns out though, staying on the ferry was rather a pleasant downtime. There is nothing to do except look your fill and drink some coffee. All the firths, lochs, and other bodies of water we crossed gave me a reason to stand still and relax.

crossing over to the Isle of Arran @Scotland

Of course that was only the case once we stood on the ferry. Having no ticket and waiting in line to even get on a ferry is a completely different story.

2.) There’s water everywhere
Scotland has an abundance of water. Not only from above and the surrounding sea, but there are rivers everywhere as well. Sometimes you see small waterfalls, sometimes a river just meanders through the countryside, sometimes you are surrounded by water on all sides.

on the road to Campbeltown @Kintyre peninsula

3.) Old cemeteries add a mystic aura
Driving through Scotland you can see small cemeteries dot the landscape. Some of them appear to be really old, with withered headstones and almost indecipherable inscriptions.This lends a lot to the mystic aura Scotland often has for me.

cemetery in Kilmartin @Lochgilphead

4.) Castles along the way
No matter where you are going, Scotland has castles all over. I really like to wonder about all these lords, who had lived here in the centuries before.

Duart Castle @Isle of Mull

5.) Sheep in your garden
Where else can you see sheep everywhere, even in your garden. I honestly don’t think that these sheep were looking for a meadow, when they can just roam about the gardens of the locals.

keep your sheep close @Fionnphort

6.) Picturesque villages
Tobermory sits right at the entrance to the Sound of Mull. On clear day with blue sky the village showed itself in the brightest colors. Is there anything better than such a view at breakfast?

Tobermory @Isle of Mull

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