Breakfast at Le Petit Jeudi

The name ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ doesn’t make any sense come to think of it. I mean, what should ‘The little Thursday’ even mean? So … I have no idea where the name comes from or if it says anything about the concept of the restaurant. This place is only open during the day and offers breakfast and brunch like dishes. But who really cares about the concept as long as the kitchen can deliver. And deliver it does!

The dining room of ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ is small and has an open kitchen. Large windows give it a light an airy feeling.

dining room @Le Petit Jeudi

open kitchen concept @Le Petit Jeudi

When we arrived at 9am we are the first, but did not stay alone for long. The restaurant filled up quickly, with most people having a reservation. The menu is short and to the point. Four small dishes, which can either serve as starter or snack, three egg dishes, four main courses, and two desserts. We both go for the egg dishes, it’s breakfast after all.

ready to order @Le Petit Jeudi

My friend ordered the English muffin with salsiccia, scrambled eggs, and fennel. What arrived was the best looking muffin I’ve seen in Vienna so far. Or maybe similar to the one from Joseph Brot. The bread at ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ comes after all from Joseph Brot, so probably the muffin as well. The filling of the muffin looked rather colorless and a bit wet actually. Maybe the dressing of the fennel salad leaked. But no matter the looks, this stuff was tasty! The last couple of times we went for breakfast my friend was very critical. This time he totally approved, there was nothing to complain about. But rather he was full of praises! So looks can be deceiving.

English muffin with scrambled eggs @Le Petit Jeudi

For myself I got the ‘onsen’ egg, which has only been boiled for an hour here, with cauliflower, Bottarga, and oyster mushrooms. Creamy cauliflower purée built the base for the egg, topped with small cauliflower roses, crunchy almost chips like mushrooms, and a dusting of Bottarga (cured fish roe) on top. I am not sure what ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ did to the mushrooms, but first I believed it to be bread chips. The whole dish came together like a dream and I scraped the last of the cauliflower purée with knife and then licked it. Guilty as charged, bad manners come with wonderful food!

onsen egg with cauliflower @Le Petit Jeudi

Since we were already here we decided to share the French toast, which comes at ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ dusted in cardamom sugar and with a side of whipped ricotta and physalis compote. I had planned for only one bite, but was more than happy to finish the second slice all by myself. The toast was absolutely fabulous! Just the right kind of sweet, fluffy and light, overall great on its own. Together with the whipped ricotta and the compote it was sheer perfection.

French toast @Le Petit Jeudi

Will I be back? Definitely! And not just for breakfast! I really want to eat my way through their whole menu. Mercifully it’s not that long. But I honestly can’t remember the last time I had such great food! The visit to ‘Le Petit Jeudi’ was delightful. Hopefully I will spend many more hours there. Yours, Pollybert


Le Petit Jeudi
1200 Wien, Traunfelsgasse 1
Tel: +43 677 63105972
Thur-Sat: 09:00-19:00, Sun-Mon: 09:00-15:00

breakfast @Le Petit Jeudi

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