Tarbert – a picturesque village and a castle

After driving along the entire Kintyre peninsula all the way from Claonaig in the north, to the Dunaverty rock in the south, and then west to the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse, we finally landed in Tarbert. Tarbert links the Kintyre peninsula with Knapdale, which looks to me like another peninsula, but look for yourself. We got super lucky with the weather and arrived in Tarbert with clear blue skies and sunshine.

first impression of Tarbert @Scotland

Tarbert not only has a picturesque harbor, it also has a castle. This strategic hillsite has always seen a fort, but in 1292 it became a Royal castle when it was given to John Balliol the puppet king of the English King Edward I.). Robert the Bruce got it renovated in 1325 after realizing the importance of the site. It definitely looks more impressive from further away though.

Tarbert castle @Scotland

No matter the condition of the castle, the view from the top was amazing. No wonder this was an important site already during the reign of Robert the Bruce!

Tarbert from the castle hill @Scotland

the harbor @Tarbert

great view onto the sea @Tarbert

Besides a castle Tarbert also has a picturesque church with chickens picking for worms in front. It’s astonishing that they do not come to harm, there was no fence anywhere in sight.

Tarbert Parish church with chickens @Tarbert

The church was closed, but we probably didn’t miss much. Since it was still sunny we walked back to the harbor where I had to take another picture of Tabert and its castle. It doesn’t get any better than that.

colorful houses @Tarbert

We left Tarbert by way of Lochgilphead to Oban, where we checked into the Royal Hotel. Lochgilphead had a little church with an enclosed cemetery. I wonder if the gate gets closed at night?

gated church and cemetery @Lochgilphead

I chose the Royal Hotel in Oban due to its convenient location to the port. Unfortunately we had to leave Oban already early the next morning. Too bad that there was not enough time to explore anything. Yours, Pollybert

illuminated river Awe with McCaig’s Tower & Battery Hill in blue on top @Oban

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