Schlawiener Wirtshaus

Schlawiener Wirtshaus serves Austrian food in an unpretentious setting. No wonder, the place is called a Wirtshaus aka a tavern. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere simple, without tableclothes and wineglasses on the table. I am not sure what was in the Schlawiener Wirtshaus before, but the vaulted brick setting reminds me more of a cellar. The place doesn’t either have a moldy smell usually associated with cellars in Vienna nor is it in a cellar. The dining room has a dark feeling, but instead of ominous, I felt rather comfortable.

dining room @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The blue curtain divides the place in the front area for quick drinks on high tables, and the ‘restaurant’ area. Our visit fell into the traditional goose time, so of course this is what I ordered. To start with I shared with my a friend fried spring rolls, filled with a pork and five spice mix. I was not really sure what this dish was doing on the menu, but it was a really nice starter. Hot, greasy, and crunchy. A bit of apparently home-made kimchi on the side, nice!

fried spring rolls with pork @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The creamy goose soup with meat, root vegetables, and croutons looked fabulous and got no complaints.

goose soup @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The other available soup was a pumpkin cream soup. It was seasoned with ginger and pumpkin seed oil and had a  dollop of whipped cream on top.

pumpkin cream soup @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The goose arrived with red cabbage and a potato dumpling. Luckily I got the leg, I always find them juicier than the breast. The meat was perfect, the cabbage had bit of Christmas seasoning (cinnamon), but not too strong. The only thing I was not convinced about was the stuffed dumpling. There were mushrooms inside which was not needed in my opinion. I like it when the dumplings are sticky and just soak up a lot if juice. Overall though, great goose!

goose with cabbage and dumpling @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The vegetarian version of the goose came with three of said dumplings, cabbage, and also some kind of gravy. It looked a little bit darker, so I guess it was made differently from mine.

vegetarian goose @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The Alt Wiener Backfleisch (here called Neu Wiedener)  got a new interpretation. Usually it’s breaded beef, but at Schlawiener Wirthaus pork is seasoned with strong mustard and horseradish and then fried. My friend loved it though, I think the most important part is the seasoning anyway. It came with a choice of salad.

Neu Wiedner Backfleisch @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The last main course was another vegetarian one. Spinach dumplings with brown butter, walnuts, and mountain cheese from Vorarlberg. It looked fabulous and I heard only good things about it.

spinach dumplings @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The Schlawiener Wirtshaus also had some interesting desserts. I got myself the Meister Eder chestnut ball. Personally I cannot remember if Meister Eder ever ate something like that on the series. But I loved the combination of chestnut mousse, white chocolate mousse, sour cherries, and dark chocolate crumble. What’s not to love about this? And best of all, it didn’t disappoint. On the contrary, I loved it.

Meister Eder chestnut ball @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

The Kaiserschmarrn on the other hand was a bit weird. Strongly caramelized, it was slightly crunchy and rather sweet. The caramelized bits stuck to the teeth. Honestly, so far I that never happened with this dish. I am very happy to report, that I didn’t order that.

Kaiserschmarrn @Schlawiener Wirtshaus

Overall Schlawiener Wirtshaus had a very pleasant service and great food coming out of its kitchen. I really enjoyed my visit here. It’s definitely a place I would like to see again. Yours, Pollybert


Schlawiener Wirtshaus
1040 Wien, Preßgasse 29
Tel: +43 677 62953854

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