Popsugar Reading Challenge 2024

The Popsugar Reading Challenge has its 9th edition for 2024. Looking through my posts this is apparently the 8th time I write about it. Too bad than that I personally haven’t followed the challenge for a while. While I love studying the prompts and musing over which books to read to fit the list, in the end I do not follow it. Rather I read whatever pops up on my e-reader or lies on top of my TBR stack. Unfortunately this is not a static tower, but an almost living thing. At least in the sense that it keeps on growing. Every time I go on vacation I find some books in the local bookshops or museums and in no time, the pile has grown some more.

As every year I have therefore decided to  publish the list, but give myself a break from it. In the end, reading should be something joyful and not a past time, where you adhere to stoically adhere to a list. In that sense, I hope you enjoy musing over the different prompts and explore mentally which of your books would fit the list. It’s especially fun at the end of the year, to see how well you have done with the challenge from this year.

2023 was not a great book year for me. Looking at my book list from this year, it appears as if I haven’t read a lot. I haven’t had such a low number of books in years. In the end though, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the joy I get from reading a book. And reviewing my book list from 2023, there were some excellent reads. So here is to another year of reading and I hope for many pleasant hours between the pages of a book! Yours, Pollybert


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