Popsugar Reading Challenge 2023

Another year, another reading challenge! Not that I followed the one from the last year. I think I didn’t even look at the challenge once. 2022 was a difficult year. And not just on a personal level. So much has changed last year and even though I  couldn’t make myself look away from the news, I definitely needed a source of happiness. What can I say, my books always come through. My reading helped me get along with every situation. The more difficult everything became, the more I tended to read fluffy stuff. And the more fluff I read the easier it felt to carry all the burden the last year heaped on me.

So for 2023 I have decided to give the challenge a fighting chance and really look into it. I am planning on making a list on which books to read for which prompt and see how it goes. Are you into that at all? Or do you rather make it up along the way? Drop me a note and let me know, so that we can compare how we are doing. Yours, Pollybert

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