Breakfast at Café Tagsüber

The Instagram appearance from Café Tagsüber (meaning during the day) looked promising. So I spontaneously paid them a visit on a Saturday morning. To no avail though! The small café was fully booked, which kind of confirmed my impression. While I regretted not snagging a table, I made a reservation in person for the next Saturday at my usual time.

When we arrived at the allotted time, there was no reservation in my name. Happily enough, at 9am there were enough tables available. So we could proceed with our breakfast. But I found it disappointing and actually a bit sloppy from Café Tagsüber to have lost my reservation. This should have been a red flag already.

inside @Café Tagsüber

Although only two other tables, with two persons each, were occupied, it took the waitress another 15 minutes to take our order. Coffee then arrived ten minutes later, but breakfast didn’t arrive until almost 10am. By then I was a bit anxious and had already inquired about it.

My order of Turkish eggs, two soft boiled eggs on garlic yogurt with chili butter and bread, looked excellent. The roasted mushrooms came as a surprise, but were more than welcome. The eggs were perfectly boiled, still liquid inside. The bread toasted and with a nice crunch. All in all, this was delicious.

Turkish eggs @Café Tagsüber

My friend unfortunately didn’t fare so well. He had ordered the red pesto fried eggs on top of a slice of bread with cream cheese, topped with spinach and pomegranate seeds. As a carnivore he ordered two slices of bacon on the side. The bacon arrived in form of sprinkles. Something he disliked immediately. Because why offer slices on the menu when you then serve sprinkles?

red pesto fried eggs @Café Tagsüber

The dish looked very ‘green’, probably because lots of cress and chive was scattered on top. Not so much spinach come to think of it. I was allowed to taste the dish and had to agree with my friend. The bread had a mushy consistency, which ruined the overall taste. I was glad, I had ordered something else.

Besides the lost reservation, the long wait for coffee and food, and the inexplicable ‘wetness’ of my friend’s bread, it was the attitude of the staff, why Café Tagsüber will not see me again. The reservation was for two hours and I had asked my godchild to join me after an hour.

Since the service took forever, I messaged her to stop by later. When she arrived at 10:30 we were berated by the manager/owner that now it’s too late and that we cannot order anything anymore. He had reservations for 11am. Personally I would have expected an apology and not a tirade after what went down before. But apparently they can afford it to treat customers in such a way. And that’s not what I want with my breakfast. Yours, Pollybert


Café Tagsüber
1080 Wien, Kupkagasse 2
Tel: +43 1 3976921
Tue-Sun: 09:00-18:00

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  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Wow, this is unbelievable! Good to know, they won’t see me either.

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