The Hummus Workshop

The name ‘The Hummus Workshop’ sounds like as if you need to make the hummus yourself. But far from it, you only need to order and the kitchen prepares your food. This Mediterranean restaurant was already busy when we arrived at 6pm. No wonder there was no table available for later.

the Hummus Workshop @Wien

The Hummus Workshop is, like most Mediterranean restaurant, a great place to share the food and try something new. Too bad that at this early hour two dishes from the small menu were not available. Apparently they were still in preparation. But the restaurant has only recently opened, so it might still need some time to get the kitchen to full capacity.

inside the restaurant @The Hummus Workshop

My friends and I decided to go for the hummus with extra chickpeas and an egg, a green herbal salad with green apple, a plate of Merguez sausages, the ‘Spice it up’ combination, and a portion of French fries. The fries were more like an afterthought, but were immediately a hit. Hot, greasy, and with enough salt. Just how I like them.

French fries @The Hummus Workshop

The Merguez sausages came with a small bowl of pickled vegetables, some olives, and a pita bread. The bread was still warm worked well with the sausages. But so were the pickles and the olives. I haven’t had these kind of sausages since my trip to Morocco, and that’s really a long time ago. Definitely something I will order again, so savory and with a hint of spice. Maybe in combination with the hummus.

Merguez sausages @The Hummus Workshop

Because as tasty as the hummus was, in combination with more chickpeas it was a bit rich. The hummus though was really creamy and had silky consistency. The portion was quite big, which made it ideal to share.

hummus with chickpeas @The Hummus Workshop

The ‘Spice it Up’ combination was delicious and brought new flavors. Tahini and pickled veggies I knew already, although the veggies were really tasty. But Schug and Matbucha were totally new to me. Schug is a green sauce made of cilantro and chili and is very spicy. Matbucha also has a bite to it, but compared to Schug the tomato based sauce is downright mild. A great addition to any meal at The Hummus Workshop. No wonder it is called ‘Spice it Up’.

‘Spice it Up’ combination @The Hummus Workshop

Last but not least was the green herbal salad with green leaves, radishes, fried cauliflower, and green apple. Lots of dill and a lemony vinaigrette gave the salad a very fresh flavor. It tasted like spring in a bowl.

green herbal salad @The Hummus Workshop

So even though The Hummus Workshop only opened recently, whatever the kitchen brings to the table is tasty. Coming back here will be a pleasure, especially to try something else from the menu. Yours, Pollybert


The Hummus Workshop
1090 Wien, Porzellangasse 3
Tel: +43 1 3103670
Tue-Thu: 11:00-18:00, Fri-Sat: 11:30-22:00

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