Fly Away by Kristin Hannah: As much as I liked Firefly Lane, the sequel was a bit too much ‘in your face’. I understand that you can fall apart when a friend dies. But the profound grief of Tully and with it her despair and increased drug use I couldn’t follow. Grief is of course something very personal, so maybe it’s just me who can’t understand her handling of the situation. A deep sadness just seeps out of the pages, since the whole family is broken and it all gets darker by the page. I cried a lot while reading it, therefore was very happy when I finished it on a positive note.


The Man I never Met by Elle Cook: What a book! I was looking for a chick lit, definitely something light. This is not that book, but it was a wonderful read nonetheless. Sometimes it’s great when you just get surprised, by where the story goes. Of course by then, when the love story of Hannah and Davey veered off the usual path, I was already knew deep in. They still hadn’t met, so I needed to keep going. Nothing would have stopped me anyway, because I wanted to know what was happening. I loved the secondary characters and how they supported the story. A wonderful book!


Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson: Black Cake is a family history and the cake is a like a thread, which holds the women of the Bennett family together. But it is also about friendship and how far you would go to support them. Even though I have been in the Caribbean a couple of times, it feels as if I do not know anything about its history. So learning a little bit about it in  Black Cake made me realize there is a lot more to discover. I loved reading about Covey, Gibbs, and Bunny, and their stories together and alone. Cannot recommend it enough!


Die Herrin der Päpste by Eric Walz: It’s been a while since I enjoyed a historical novel that much. Especially since the story plays out in a period I know nothing about. But neither do the historians or so they say. This period of the 10th century is called ‘the dark period’ due to the lack or limit of documents. So whatever sources Eric Walz used, he spins a fine story. At the end of the book he lists the actual historical events, which he incorporated in the story. I really enjoy reading about strong female characters, and Marocia, a senator of Rome, was no exception. Great read!


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