Breakfast at Trude

Trude & Töchter is the name of the culinary concept of the Wien museum. After being renovated for a while, the museum now offers a cafeteria, a bar, and a restaurant. The restaurant is called Trude and the other two locations are the & töchter (daughters). That’s quite a neat concept. Best of all, Trude has independent opening times from the museum and already opens at 8am. So it’s nice to have a place for coffee in this rather deserted area around the Karlskirche.

the new Wien museum @Vienna

The restaurant Trude is on the ground floor on the right hand side. The large windows let in a lot of light, but there is a nice light concept in place. Maybe they already know that rather older people tend to frequent museums. These are also the customers, who need more light to read. At Trude you will not run into such difficulties.

seating area @Trude

The breakfast choices were quite limited with ham and eggs, a couple of open-faced sandwiches, as well as three savory brioche variations. But the restaurant offered a lot of extras, so you can basically put together your own combination. My friend felt that he needed the ‘T&T’ all day brioche sandwich, which comes with ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and a grape-bacon jam. Honestly it already sounded mighty and it definitely looked big.

T&T all day brioche sandwich @Trude

Personally I found it looked a bit dry, but my friend deemed it ‘moist’. He thought the eggs weren’t cooked enough. It rather looked as if the cheddar had melted completely and that was the ‘soggy’ ingredient. What he missed though was the grape-bacon jam. That had sounded so interesting, but he couldn’t detect it. Maybe it just disappeared between the mighty brioche slices. In any case the verdict was not favorable. The sandwich was bland.

I opted for one of the open-faced sandwiches. Cream cheese and peas on sourdough bread with Pecorino and garden cress. I ordered it with a poached egg, because to me breakfast is not complete without one.

cream cheese and peas @Trude

Obviously there’s no cress on this sandwich, instead we find pea shoots. Which might even work better with the peas overall. I am happy to say that the toppings were tasty and that the egg harmonized with it all. It gave my breakfast dish some warmth. What I disliked was the bread.

I’ve noticed that these large Öfferl (an artisanal bakery) sourdough sandwich breads are very popular at the moment. The issue I have with the bread is that it’s too long and doesn’t fit in a toaster. The bread at Trude had seen a toaster, but only on one end. The other end tasted crumbly and soggy. It reminded me of my friend’s complaint from last week, which was not a great memory. Anyways, I have to keep that in mind for the next time I come across an Öfferl sandwich bread.

Otherwise, I liked Trude. Especially in combination with the museum, which now offers free entry to the permanent collection. My last visit was already some time ago, so I am sure to visit Trude again when in the area. Friendly service! Yours, Pollybert


Trude & Töchter
1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 8
Tel: +43 664 9664840
Tue-Sun: 08:00-24:00

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