Breakfast at Die Speis

Die Speis is a double market stall at the Schwendermarkt, which lies in the outer regions of the Mariahilferstrasse. On a recent Saturday I found my way to this area to give Die Speis a try. The Schwendermarkt is quite a small market, especially compared to the other markets in Vienna. At 9am it was also still very quiet here.

Die Speis @Vienna

The restaurant consists of one room, with the kitchen hiding behind the length of the cake display.

the kitchen @Die Speis

Lots of light streamed in through the large windows. Even though there was only one other table occupied, the restaurant was fully booked and by the time we left every table was taken.

coffee @Die Speis

Die Speis offers a big breakfast for two which includes everything you can imagine from cold cuts to cheese, eggs, yogurt and granola, a bread basket, pan cakes or a breakfast cake (whatever that is), spreads and vegetables. The breakfast is available in a vegetarian and a vegan option, so there is something for everyone. My friend though is not into sharing, therefore we each ordered something from the regular menu. Although tiny, we both found something.

For him it was Shakshuka, a dish he eats on a regular basis. He ordered that with a homemade blackberry – rosemary lemonade. The Shakshuka arrived in a small iron cast pan with three eggs on top. It was definitely done in the oven since the pan was scorching hot and the eggs looked perfectly roasted. Unlike some other places at Die Speis the Shakshuka had the perfect consistency, lovely eggs from the oven, and was overall very tasty! My friend was more than happy with his breakfast!

Shakshuka @Die Speis

The other savory dish on the menu was the Eierspeisbrot ‘spezial’, which was basically a slice of sourdough bread topped with scrambled eggs, roasted mushrooms, Pecorino, and pumpkin seed oil. Just look at this beauty! The bread was piled high with all kinds of good things, slightly drizzled with the oil. This was heavenly and I finished it to the last morsel. The combination of scrambled eggs and mixed mushrooms worked very well. The shoots and different herbs on top gave it a fresh note, while the pumpkin seed oil brought it all together. Delicious!

Eierspeisbrot ‘spezial’ @Die Speis

Even though Die Speis might not be right around your corner, it is worth a visit. Service was quick and friendly and the food tasty! Of course I glanced at every plate that passed me, and it all looked so enticing. The Italian touch of Die Speis was quite obvious from the large shelf with pasta, sauces, preserved vegetables, and so on. You can bring your own piece of Italy home with you. Yours, Pollybert


Die Speis
1150 Wien, Schwendergasse 29 Stand 16
Tel: +43 660 1150077
Mon: 11:00–18:00, Tue-Wed: 09:00–18:00, Thu–Fri: 09:00–22:00, Sat: 09:00–15:00

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