Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 5)

Eggs Benedict have long been my favorite breakfast dish. After my ongoing search to find the best ones in Vienna, I needed a little break from this rich dish. But of course, when out for breakfast on Saturday, I am devoted to find the best and tastiest eggs for you. Okay, also for me. Because I love breakfast so much and especially eggs Benedict. There’s nothing better than eggs in a rich buttery sauce. In any case here are the latest places I have visited to try their Eggs Benedict. Yours, Pollybert

Chez Bernard: I tried the Eggs Florentine here, so had spinach instead of ham with separately ordered bacon. The restaurant was still in its early stages of opening, so the kitchen still has room for improvement. The dish was deemed too rich, which is easily understandable by the amount of sauce Hollandaise on the plate. It was nicely plated though and service at Chez Bernard is impeccable.

the Eggs Florentine version @Chez Bernard

The Long Hall: Eggs Benedict in the royal version, with avocado and salmon. Honestly, I shouldn’t have done that. I disliked this combination already once, and the second experiment didn’t convince me either. The combination was too sour without the liquid egg yolk. Maybe it’s the ready-made avocado spread or the subpar salmon. But also the sauce Hollandaise had a strong acidity and I couldn’t find the buttery flavor anywhere. Also with the brioche underneath. The whole thing stuck to my gums.

Eggs Royale @The Long Hall

Restaurant Hansen: The Eggs Benedict looked excellent. The sauce Hollandaise had a great color, spinach and bacon visible, and some pea shoots on top. The weak point was the bread. It tasted like rusk and didn’t work with the buttery sauce. There was also a lot of spinach, but if you are into the combination of bacon and veggie for breakfast, this one is for you.

Eggs Benedict @Restaurant Hansen

Kaffee Alt Wien: Two slices of brioche, toasted and therefore with a certain dryness, frame the ‘Eggs Benedix’. The eggs in the dish derive from two one-hour eggs, which means that the yolk was waxy and the white still glibbery. This combination was not welcomed and we instantly complain about it. There is a lot of sauce Hollandaise, thick slices of cooked ham, and some wilted spinach. The ‘Eggs Benedix’ follow in the thinking that more is better. In the end though this dish makes you rather unhappy.

Eggs Benedix @Kaffee Alt Wien

Café Leopold: I ordered the avocado sandwich with poached eggs and sauce Hollandaise.  So not really Eggs Benedict, but quite similar. At Café Leopold, while the individual components kind of lack in taste, the dish comes together in perfect harmony. The white bread had typical Bánh mì consistency. I know it’s a Baguette, but it’s also different. Less crusty outside and softer in the middle. I am positively surprised by how well the combination worked. The salad has a distinct Asian dressing.

avocado sandwich @Café Leopold

The Guesthouse: The Egg Benedict was a winner. It was only one egg, but you have a choice to add a second one. The tomato pesto made an appearance, but didn’t overpower the dish. It all worked well together and these might have been the best Eggs Benedict in a long time.

Egg Benedict @The Guesthouse

&flora: It’s not really Eggs Benedict but rather a poached egg with a Miso sauce Bernaise and ham. The sauce by itself on the salty side, in combination with the sweetness of the potato brioche it worked though. A sauce Bernaise by the way has some herbs in the sauce, usually tarragon or chervil. Sprinkling chive on top doesn’t make a Hollandaise a sauce Bernaise. Just a hint for the kitchen. Overall it tasted good though.

poached egg with ham and Miso sauce Bernaise @&flora

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