A visit to the Tesla museum in Belgrade

On our last day in Belgrade we had the Tesla museum on our agenda. We had already passed it during the free walking tour and our guide recommended to visit the museum with a tour. So while we did go back the same day, the next tour was booked and we didn’t want to wait. Unfortunately there’s no online booking, hence the only thing you can do is to either line up outside (you are not allowed to wait inside the museum) or get up early and be in the first group on another day. So, we got up super early on our last day, left the luggage at the hotel, and took the bus number 27 to the Tesla museum.

Tesla museum @Belgrade

We managed to be in the first group of visitors that day, so getting up early pays off. The museum by the way only accepts cash (800RSD) and the ticket comes automatically with a short guided tour. The tour cannot be long since the museum only has three rooms. It started with a film about Tesla, which included a bit about his life and his inventions.

waiting for the film to start @Tesla museum

After that the real fun started and we got an explanation on three of his induction motors, which I do not remember anymore. But at the time it made sense.

induction motor @Tesla museum

I also loved the experiment with the egg, which Tesla had shown at the world fair in 1893 in Chicago.

the egg shaped rotor @Tesla museum

Even better was the experiment, which ionized the air. This was done with the huge thing on the right in the picture above.

waiting for the air to get ionized @Tesla museum

We then held neon lights in hands and since the human body functions as conductor for the electricity we could light the neon lamps without plugging. We all looked like Luke Skywalker.

illuminated neon lamps @Tesla museum

After that it was basically over and we walked through the three rooms on the ground floor by ourselves. The museum is really small and rather disappointing for the rest. The tour is a must, because it lets you participate and includes you in the experiments. This was all rather fun.

Pollybert gets ‘shocked’ @Tesla museum

Even though a lot of the items were in English, the museum is badly illuminated and you couldn’t get too close to the objects to read anything.

room number three @Tesla museum

Still, I can’t remember the last time I had such an interactive museum’s visit. The Tesla museum comes highly recommended and is a must when in Belgrade. Yours, Pollybert

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