The doors of Belgrade

Most doors in Belgrade, except for some garden doors, were sturdy wooden or iron doors with glass inlays. Interestingly enough, most had some intricate details to give the doors a certain lightness. What I found most astonishing were the many friezes above the doors. Quite remarkable to have so many imposing portals in the city.

In any case, most doors are from the center of Belgrade and some from Zemun. Even though it belongs to Belgrade now, it still has a suburban vibe and so do the doors. Please enjoy! Yours, Pollybert

wonderful frieze on top @Belgrade

green garage door @Zemun

the door to the right leads into a book store @Belgrade

garage door with grille shaped like sun rays @Zemun

two Art Noveau doors side by side @Belgrade

it looks almost as if someone guards the door from above @Belgrade

a silent scream above @Belgrade

the door looks done from cheap sheet metal, but still pretty @Belgrade

a oriental looking garden door @Zemun

a very modern garden door @Zemun

a sturdy garden door @Zemun

the small window on the left has colored glass @Zemun

this green door has seen better times @Zemun

almost overgrown door @Zemun

blue door with anchors @Zemun

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