More impressions from Belgrade

Despite a bumpy start upon our arrival, Belgrade impressed me. The city has a lot of beautiful old buildings, but still gives off a vibrant and modern air. That’s not easy to achieve, however Belgrade manages to pull it off. A weekend for this city is therefore too short. On the other hand though, this leaves the opportunity to come back again in summer. Despite relatively nice weather, during the outdoor season Belgrade must be fascinating. Here are the last of my pictures which didn’t make it in any of the other posts. Still, they were too good to delete. Yours, Pollybert

these umbrellas do not help when it rains @Belgrade

the city has some beautiful houses @Belgrade

Besides books, the people of Belgrade like popcorn. Small stalls all over the city sell fresh popcorn at all times of the day.

waiting for popcorn @Belgrade

another beautiful art deco building @Belgrade

bookshops come with a warning @Belgrade

Republic Square and theater in the fog @Belgrade

mural along the pedestrian zone @Belgrade

best travel partners @Zemun

another bookstore in a beautiful house @Belgrade

a fabulous art deco building @Belgrade

what to do in Zemun @Belgrade


  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    The best travel partners wear matching colours ;-)

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