Breakfast at Die Sattlerei – update

When I ate breakfast at ‘Die Sattlerei’ for the first time, I loved it. That was also the reason why I went back to it a couple of times. I got addicted to their ‘Sattlerei’, their egg Benedict, as well as theEnglish breakfast. Unfortunately they closed for breakfast and were only open in the evening. But lo and behold, with the pandemic over, ‘Die Sattlerei’ started to offer breakfast again. So here I was, back at a most beloved breakfast place, to see if anything had changed.

The interior is still the same of course, which large windows and a kind of open kitchen concept. Behind the long bar an opening leads to the kitchen, while a dimmed window allows the kitchen to gaze out into the dining area.

dining area @Die Sattlerei

bar with window in the kitchen @Die Sattlerei

The breakfast menu has changed though, albeit ‘Die Sattlerei’ offers egg Benedict and a full English breakfast. The focus is more on open-faced sandwiches with different toppings, and egg variations in form of an omelette, scrambled or fried with something extra on the side. They also offered hash browns with either smoked salmon and an egg, or creamed mushrooms. I decided to go for the ‘Rösti’ with smoked salmon. What a glorious idea!

hash browns with smoked salmon and an egg @Die Sattlerei

The has browns came in form of a block, covered with delicious smoked salmon. Great quality of the salmon and a far cry from the orange stuff one sometimes gets. The egg felt like an onsen egg, still slightly translucent but perfectly cooked. The has browns had a crunchy exterior and were soft in the middle. All of it was assembled on a bad of sour cream with herbs and each bite was a little piece of heaven.

My friend ordered the full English breakfast and it was as delicious as we remembered it. No complaint came over his lips while he devoured every little morsel on his plate. The bacon here is by the best you can get in Vienna. This alone is worth a trip to Die Sattlerei.

full English breakfast @Die Sattlerei

Die Sattlerei offers excellent food and service. For summer the restaurant now has a terrace, which I will be lovely to use in the morning. I am very happy to note that despite the long breakfast break, nothing has changed. The kitchen is still delivering! since spring is already here, the next time you will see me on the terrace. Yours, Pollbert


Die Sattlerei
1020 Wien, Heinestrasse 25
Tel: +43 676 7741234
Tue-Sat: 09:00-14:00, 17:00-24:00

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