Café Caché

On a recent Thursday we managed to snag a table at Café Caché. While just newly opened, it’s nonetheless already quite popular. But how often do we Viennese get French flair in a relaxed atmosphere? The restaurant has been a pastry shop with a coffee area in former times. A fact which is still visible, but adds to the overall charm of the place.

in the dark @Café Caché

We got a booth table for the three of us in the front room, where there was a whirlwind of activity. Still, it was better than the back room, which had unfortunately a terrible acoustic. Conversation can be difficult for a larger group there.

After a hard day at work I ordered a drink called Gin Sour Apple. I can’t really say anything about the apple inside, the basil leaf killed any other smell. The drink was refreshing though and exactly what I needed.

Gin Sour Apple @Café Caché

We started with a bread and butter basket basket and the oeuf mayo (mayonnaise egg) to share. The bread was delicious, the butter whipped. Who is still doing that? This sacrilege made me really angry with the kitchen.

bread and butter @Café Caché

When the oeuf mayo arrived my anger vanished in a second. The hard boiled egg, cut in half with a decent amount of leek mayonnaise, mustard, crunchy onions, and topped with a pepper cress leaf, looked fantastic.

oeuf mayo @Café Caché

It also tasted fantastic. So simple, so good. I can’t vouch for crunchy onions, but the mustard was brilliant!

For the main course I ordered a starter. Hokkaido tempura with lamb Harissa pressé and pumpkin seed salsa.

Hokkaido tempura and lamb Harissa @Café Caché

Three big slices of Hokkaido robed in the lightest of tempura. It had the nicest crunch and was excellent with the salsa. I am glad though I ordered it with the lamb, just the pumpkin could have been a bit boring. The lamb was so tasty and tender, I just wish it could have been a bit more. Overall an absolute winner, especially in combination with the salsa. Just wow!

The ravioli stuffed with organic Duroc pork swam in beurre blanc. The dish got excellent reviews as well and my friend remarked that it tasted lighter than one would expect. Not an easy feat considering the four large ravioli swam in a butter sauce.

stuffed ravioli with beurre blanc @Café Caché

The citrus goat cheese salad was a mix of celeriac, orange, pear, radish, lemon dressing, and walnut Dukkah. There was a lot of cheese and roasted pears in here and my friend was well pleased. The bright colors of the pickled radish invited you to dig in. But also the roasted pear was a welcome surprise. Definitely more than your usual goat cheese salad.

goat cheese salad @Café Caché

Last but not least we shared a dessert, the Caché mess. The mess dessert comes probably from Eton Mess, served after a cricket match against another public school (public in Britain means its private). Whatever mess you take, it’s fruit cream, and meringue. The same goes for the Caché mess, which is here rhubarb mixed with meringue and cream. A mess is the perfect dessert, something light and airy, but with enough soul to make you happy. The Caché mess manages that as well. The rhubarb is a nice take on spring here.

Caché mess @Café Cashé

Café Caché is run by a couple. The French owner is part of the service team, his Austrian wife in the kitchen. The restaurant oozes therefore French charm, from the kitchen to the service. Since it is true, it also comes over as authentic. I felt welcome here from the moment I stepped into this place. I can’t wait for warmer temperatures to come back and sit outside next to the church and try something else from the changing menu. But it already feels like summer anyway, so it will be sooner than later. Yours, Pollybert


Café Caché
1150 Wien, Meiselstraße 2
Mon-Tue: 09:00-17:00, Wed-Fri: 09:00-22:00

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