Breakfast at Die Sattlerei

I guess I have already established that I love a good breakfast on Saturday. The latest one took us to a newly opened place called Die Sattlerei. Since the restaurant started during the pandemic it began with a deli shop and only now opened fully.

The restaurant itself is beautiful, with high ceilings and large windows (not sure how drafty that gets in winter). It makes for a light and airy interior which is underscored by the beautiful light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. I haven’t seen a terrace, since the weather was anyway only for inside. So not sure how that will play out in the future.

dining room @Die Sattlerei

The breakfast menu is two and a half pages long and offers some interesting dishes. After reading that the chef comes from England I decided to give the full English breakfast a try. And that even though Die Sattlerei has Eggs Benedict on the menu. But an English breakfast from an English chef is a treat which I couldn’t miss. And I was not disappointed by my choice, absolutely perfect breakfast dish.

English breakfast @Die Sattlerei

It might have even been better than a lot of Scottish breakfasts I had in Scotland. And the reason is the bacon. The cut is different on the island and for my taste always too thick, too rubbery, never crunchy enough. At Die Sattlerei though, the cut is the same but cooked exactly how I like it. A nice crunch on the outside with a lot of taste inside. The black pudding was great, as was the little sausage. No cheap wiener here. The portobello mushroom surprised as well, as did the grilled tomato. A generous serving of baked beans and two small triangles of buttered toast rounded out the dish perfectly.

‘Sattlerei goes oriental’ was the second breakfast dish. Minced lamb seasoned with Ras El Hanout, mint yogurt, a fried egg, dots of hummus, and bread made up this dish. The bread basket comes with a big bowl of whipped butter. One would have hoped that the pandemic had taken care of this abomination. But no, it’s still around. Honestly, do chefs never taste this? It’s really, really awful and I do not get tired of saying that!Compared to the English breakfast it’s rather puny. My friend liked it though, still the portion missed something. Maybe some hash browns or a pita bread would help.

oriental breakfast @Die Sattlerei

generous bread basket and a lot of whipped butter @Die Sattlerei

Of course no breakfast is complete without tasting Eggs Benedict if they are available. At Die Sattlerei the dish comes with only one egg, interestingly the second one was not missed. A real English muffin, filled with spinach, a portobello mushroom, and ham, makes the base for the poached egg. Covering all of that and clinging to it in the best possible way is a superb sauce Hollandaise. This buttery, but still airy, sauce is to die for. I was allowed to taste it and can imagine myself drowning in it. It’s that good. My friend guarded her plate closely especially when I moved it for a picture. This is so good, you do not want to share.

Egg Benedict @Die Sattlerei

dissecting the Egg Benedict @Die Sattlerei

Overall Die Sattlerei was a big hit. It’s a great place, with very attentive service, and smashing food. If there is one thing to mention it’s that we would have liked a sweet dish. The breakfast menu offered nothing we wanted, so we just got another round of coffee. Later on my way back from the bathroom, I saw that they also have blueberry pound cake, croissants, and other kind of pastries. But our server clearly missed out on us ordering more. Anyway, there will be a next time and now I already know it about. Yours, Pollybert

Update: I have been back and this time I ate the Egg Benedict myself. I was even better than I described. But we also had a sweet dish, a brioche banana toast with Valhorna chocolate. Unfortunately it sounded better than it tasted. The toast was bland and rather dry.

brioche banana toast @Die Sattlerei

Update 2: Breakfast is unfortunately no longer available, but you can go for dinner.


Die Sattlerei
1020 Wien, Heinestraße 25
Tel: +43 676 7741234
Wed-Fri: 07:-22:00, sat, Sun: 09:00-22:00

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