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From all the Korean restaurants in the city Han am Stadtpark is my preferred. The restaurant is clearly popular by a lot of people, because without reservation there is no table available. We arrived early at 18:30 and when we left someone else was already waiting for it, although the restaurant closes at 21:30. But such is life at a restaurant with authentic Korean food.

Han am Stadtpark @Vienna

dining room @Han am Stadtpark

We had plans for drinks after, so I decided to get only something small to eat. I ordered Dubu Twigim, which is fried tofu in homemade sauce and Bonito flakes. It’s quite similar to Agedashi tofu at a Japanese restaurant. The tofu was light and nicely fried. I tried taking small bites to dip it as often as possible in the delicious sauce.

Dubu Twigim @Han am Stadtpark

With that I ordered a Banchan set with rice. Banchan are small side dishes that one eats with a main course. Various vegetables, all of them marinated differently, come in small dishes to sample. It’s advisable to order one set per person with three plates each. But of course our quota vegetarian was not into sharing, so we ordered the Banchan for two, which got us six different side dishes. The vegetables were amazing. Each dish tasted different. Wow! I was especially impressed with the potatoes in a sweet but savory sauce. But everything was delicious.

Banchan set @Han am Stadtpark

The vegetarian got herself the Dolsot Bibimbap, a vegetarian rice dish with a fried egg on top. It comes with some spicy sauce on the side. With that she ordered Kakdugi, a radish kimchi, which she deemed okay but not more. The bibimbap was rather bland for her and the spicy sauce in the ‘ketchup bottle’ not enough to give this dish its needed kick.

Dolsot Bibimbap @Han am Stadtpark

Last but not least my other friend got Modum Twigim, a mix of tempura fried shrimp and vegetables. The tempura was crunchy and light, and with the sauce delicious. On its own rather bland as well. But that’s what you get the sauce for.

Modum Twigim @Han am Stadtpark

Han am Stadtpark has very friendly service and everything is served quickly. Still I got the impression that all the dishes were made fresh, except of course for the kimchi variations and the all other pickled dishes. I really enjoyed my visit here and it made me think that I need to trade to South Korea to explore the Korean cuisine in greater detail. Until then I’ll make do with Han am Stadtpark. There’s lots more on their menu I need to taste. Yours, P’ollybert


Han am Stadtpark
1030 Wien, Am Heumarkt 9
Tel: +43 1 5355050
Email: reservierung@han-wien.at
Tue-Fri: 17:30-21:30, Sat-Sun: 11:30-14:30, 17:00-21:30

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