Drinks at Cayo Coco

There’s a new rooftop bar in Vienna and what better time than now to test Cayo Coco? Summer is just around the corner and the evenings are starting to get longer and the temperatures are going up.

Hoxton hotel @Vienna

Unfortunately during my visit there was a cold spell, so we needed to stay inside. But before taking our place, I walked outside to enjoy the incredible view over Vienna from the top of the Hoxton hotel.

view over Vienna @Cayo Coco

rooftop bar for warm summer nights @Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco not only offers drinks, but also some bar food. Which is clearly a disadvantage, when you only come for drinks and then have to pay for some accompanying chips. So no nibbles with your cocktails, but maybe it’s different, when you arrive directly after work. The bar has the form of one long hallway which gives almost everyone the chance of a glimpse on Vienna. Except the unlucky few, who sit at the bar with their back to the city.

inside @Cayo Coco

I ordered one of Cayo Coco’s signature drinks, a ‘Spiced Pineapple Old Fashioned’. Woodford Reserve bourbon, Planteray Pineapple rum, salted pineapple cordial and a dash of clove bitters, stirred over ice and served over a block with a pineapple slice. I cannot confirm that all of these ingredients were inside. It sounded like an interesting drink, rather on the spicy side and definitely not sweet. What I got was something tasting strongly of bourbon with a light note of pineapple. Nothing else could be detected by neither my nose nor my palate.

Spiced Pineapple Old Fashioned, Golden ‘Hind, and something nonalcoholic @Cayo Coco

Also it was not served over a block of ice, but a lot of regular ice cubes. Which turned out to be perfect, because the drink needed some dilution. The slice of pineapple inside was super tasty and very ripe. I wonder where the hotel gets its fruits from?

The other drinks were okayish as well. Nobody was really excited about their choice of drink, at least they all looked lovely. Except for the nonalcoholic drink, which was price wise almost on the level of the alcoholic drinks, but came in a boring water glass. So when my friend ordered another nonalcoholic drink, she asked for it to be served in a tall long drink glass. Since it was her birthday we wanted to celebrate, it was only fitting. But the bar chef was of other opinion and the waiter had to relay to us that there would be no upgrade of the glass. And here I thought the customer is always right.

The waiter was pleasant though, very funny and helpful. We switched the nonalcoholic drink into one of our empty cocktail glasses and the world was right again. So come for the view, enjoy your beer or a glass of wine. Not sure if Caya Coco is good for anything else at the moment. But let’s wait and see. Yours, Pollybert


Cayo Coco
10303 Wien, Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1
Email: hallo.cayococorooftop@thehox.com
Mon-Fri: 17:00-01:00, Sat-Sun: 11:30-01:00


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