What and where to eat in Sorsogon

I stayed at Fernado’s hotel in Sorsogon, which has also a restaurant on the premise. Not only convenient, but the restaurant had quite some tasty dishes coming out of its kitchen. Like the congee I was eating the first day at breakfast.

congee with extras @Fernado’s hotel

Best of all though at Fernando’s hotel restaurant was the garden, a green oasis in an otherwise bustling and loud city. After my experiences in Legazpi I really enjoyed this wonderful setting.

my preferred eating place in Sorsogon @Fernando’s hotel

For coffee and snacks I can recommend Lazy Cups. Even though I didn’t eat anything, everything looked good. Loved the cold latte and the wifi was strong.

interior @Lazy Cups

iced latte @Lazy Cups

I ate another dinner at Fernando’s hotel, this time it was baby back ribs. As usual it came with rice and some vegetables. But I loved it, the cooking at the hotel was definitely great.

baby back ribs @Fernando’s hotel

Pinoy is a typical Filippino breakfast, which comes with a choice of egg, rice, and a choice of meat or fish. I chose some kind of sausage with a fried egg and plain rice. But the options are endless.

Pinoy breakfast @Fernando’s hotel

Another nice coffeehouse in Sorsogon was Mai Cafe, where I had a delicious iced chocolate milk. The taste was rich and intense, and the consistency was more like a pudding. The whole thing was probably as caloric as a meal. Yours, Pollybert

iced chocolate milk @Mai Cafe

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