The flowers of Bicol

Bicol region was my first stop on the Philippines. Looking through my pictures I noticed that I already had quite a lot of flowers from here alone. So let’s start with Bicol and take it from there. Most of the flowers are of the variety that we also see in Europe. But some were a little more exotic. Like the first one with some kind of red ‘head’ and on that were little red and yellow flowers. Or the huge red flower, which had such a majestic appearance to it. Yours, Pollybert

red and yellow flowers on a large red ‘head’ @Sorsogon

rose blush flowers @Legazpi

dark red flower and view on the city @Legazpi

impatiens @Legazpi

Bougainvillea, my favorite flower of Greece, looks as lush and vibrant here in Legazpi as on the other side of the world.

bougainvillea in soft pink @Legazpi

fuchsia in white @Legazpi

pink hibiscus with dark red @Sorsogon

small red flowers @Sorsogon

tiny light pink flowers @Sorsogon

a large red flower @Sorsogon

small flowers in purple @Sorsogon

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