More impressions from around Bicol

Arriving in Legazpi as my first stop in the Philippines was a bit of a culture shock. Of course I knew what I had signed up for, but still. It turned out to be a great experience though, to get a feeling for how the Philippines are outside from all the touristic places. I ended up exploring two cities in Bicol, Legazpi and Sorsogon. Here some more impressions from my six days in this area. Yours, Pollybert

Embarcado mall and Kapuntukan Hill @Legazpi City

a new beginning @Legazpi

a Japanese plane on Lignon Hill @Legazpi City

road sign @Legazpi City

the dental bus comes to you @Legazpi City

selfie in the O from Rompeolas @Sorsogon

keep a pet, keep a goat @Legazpi City

back streets @Legazpi City

small prayer corner @Cagsawa ruins

a very nice looking house with garden @Sorsogon

somewhere in the city @Sorsogon

endless white beach @Rizal beach resort

close up of a bee hive @Balay Buhay sa Uma bee farm

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