All the flowers of Kos

Despite Kos looking distinctly dry, especially compared to let’s say Thassos, this Greek island still impressed with a great variety of flowers. There were of course the many oleander and bougainvillea as everywhere else in Greece. But Kos also had a lot of cacti flowers and other, especially fitting with the dry climate, small flowers. So even though there was a certain sparsity of green, there was enough color if you looked. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. I find that I almost forget during the long winter months, how hot it can be in summer. But the flowers of Kos remind me that the next season is just around the corner. Yours, Pollybert

yellow flower of the prickly pear @Kos

tiny purple flowers @Kos

these red flowers are looking quite prickly @Kos

small yellow flowers @Kos

thistle @Kos

an abundance of yellow flowers @Kos

maybe a petunia @Kos

lush bougainvillea @Kos

on this almost barren and dry island flowers still bloom @Kos

Even withered these yellow flowers look stunning.

withered flowers @Kos

tiny pink flowers looking almost like a daisy @Kos

And now a couple of flowers of which I have no idea what they are called.

interesting yellow flower with really long red ‘hair’ @Kos

cactus flower @Kos

yellow flower surrounded lots of leaves @Kos

a flower in blue @Kos

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