Mayluna by Kelley McNeil: I love it when a book makes me cry. Less so, while I read it in a public place. On a recent flight back home I finished ‘Mayluna’ and cried my heart out. The love story of Evie and Carter is one for generations. But not only that, I loved the band. Cranky Alex, funny Tommy, and Fred the manager. These secondary characters gave the book a much needed lightness. There was lots of laughter and fun between these people and the bond they shared could be felt through the pages. What a great book!


Meet me at the Lake by Carley Fortune: Love at first sight can happen, not only in books! So when Fern and will meet in their early 20s Fern definitely believed in it. But when the arranged meeting a year later doesn’t come to pass, her heart is broken. Fast forward nine more years and all of a sudden they see each other again. Ten years is a long time, but feelings can be carried and kept for a decade. Especially unfulfilled ones. I enjoyed their story, although the last couple of chapters were a bit difficult. I couldn’t follow Will’s problems and the reasoning for his behavior. Still, it was a lovely book!


Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros: Wow, what a book! Fantasy books only happen when I hear repeatedly other people raving about them. I came across ‘Fourth Wing’ reviews so often in the last couple of months, that I decided I give it a go. And it was so worth it! Thankfully ‘Iron Flame’, the second book in the trilogy, is already on the market. Going to college has never been that dangerous and I was rooting for Violet from the moment I met her. There have been lot of unexpected turns in this book, but I always believed in her connection with Xaden. Romantasy at its best!


Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros: It’s rare that I read a trilogy where book two is better than book one. Iron Flame managed that and now my expectations for book three are enormous. I might be able to manage them until it comes out next January. More than six months feels almost like an eternity at the moment. But I can wait for Violet and Xaden, because their fight for the Empyrean empire is epic. I love the secondary characters and cry, when one of them dies. I felt almost bereft when I finished ‘Iron Flame’ and needed to wrap my head around that all these characters wouldn’t be in my life anymore for the foreseeable future. Have I mentioned that I cannot wait for book three to come out?


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