Pangalao and Alona beach on Bohol

An Ocean Jet ferry took me from the Pier 1 in Cebu City to Tagbilaran on Bohol. It takes about two hours to cross the sea to get to the island of Bohol.

Ocean Jet @Pier 1

Unlike before, this time I can tell you why I chose the island. Bohol has wonderful beaches and is famous for its chocolate hills. Doesn’t the name sound delectable? Thankfully there was something to look forward to, because I wasn’t too impressed by the huge gas tanks from Shell as we approached Bohol.

first impression @Bohol

But first I needed to get from Tagbilaran to Panglao. The Mad Monkey hostel would be my home for the next three nights. Little did I know that the hostel lived up to its name and that the walls were paper thin. Even though the music stops at midnight, there ‘s a lot going on during the night.

Anyways, with a bit of haggling I got a taxi for 500,- PHP  (8,- Euro) for the 45 minutes ride from the pier to the hostel in Panglao.

Mad Monkey hostel @Panglao

Since it was already early afternoon I decided, after a bite to eat, to hit the beach in Panglao and relax. This was easier said than done as there was low tide and basically no water around the boats. With no water it also didn’t make sense to walk to Alona beach, the most beautiful beach on the island according to all kinds of online sources.

Panglao beach at low tide @Bohol

On this first day I stayed at the pool and enjoyed myself reading a book. Albeit small and with no loungers, there was water in the pool and it was refreshing. Best of all was the bar right next to it!

pool area @Mad Monkey hostel

The next day though I walked to Alona beach. It took me about 35 minutes in the sun, quite exhausting actually and very hot. There was no shade on the road from Panglao to Alona. The beach itself was a bit disappoint though, especially in the light that Alona is supposedly the best one on Bohol. It’s not as long as you would think and, my main issue, not super clean. I will never understand why people are not taking better care of nature.

Alona beach @Bohol

The beach is white and sandy though, with lot of empty space one one side and a lot of businesses on the other side. There’s also a bit of natural shade. Overall I was happy enough with my first day on the beach in the Philippines. Yours, Pollybert

a lot of shade in the late afternoon @Alona beach

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