The Chocolate Hills and other sights on Bohol – Part 1

To see the Chocolate Hills on Bolhol I had booked a countryside tour with the Mad Monkey hostel. In hindsight a mistake, but the tour was good. We started at the Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park in Villalimpia.

Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park @Villalimpia

The butterflies were beautiful and their cage quite big, so that everyone could walk around inside.

beautiful blue butterfly @Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park

marvelous butterfly @Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park

But the park also kept snakes, an alligator, a flying lemur, some big mountain birds, and a large lizard. Seeing these animals made me so sad, because they just lived in tiny cages. All alone and isolated, what a miserable life. The butterfly park hadn’t originally been on my tour. Therefore if you can avoid it, so much better.

one of the birds @Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park

a lemur in captivity @Bohol Lemur & Butterfly Park

When we left the park, the Chocolate Hills were already next. But first we stopped at an ATV place so that people could rent one and go for a drive through the chocolate hills. I opted to just go to the observation deck and let the ATV people do their thing. We had to wait for a bit but then were eventually carted to the observation deck. The area next to the deck was a no parking zone, so the tour guide dropped us off and then we took the stairs to get all the way to the top.

first impressions of the Chocolate Hills @Bohol

The view from the top was amazing. The hills are made out of sediment. Meaning 2 million years ago this area was under the sea and the shells and corals formed these hills. They looked certainly impressive, especially the ones that were mowed and kind of peaked out of the woods. These really showed their round shape. Yours, Pollybert

observation deck @Chocolate Hills

Pollybert and the Chocolate Hills @Bohol

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