A weekend in Linz

Linz has never been on my travel list, despite being the third largest city in Austria and just around the corner from Vienna. I had been there for work a couple of times and had no reason to ever go back again. Or so I thought. Except that a friend asked me to attend a concert of ‘The Dead South‘ with her at the Posthof. And suddenly we spent a whole weekend in Linz.

The AirBnB for the weekend had an excellent location in the old town, so once we had checked in we headed in the direction of the Danube.

leaving the AirBnB @Linz

The Lentos museum for modern art sits right next to the Danube. The glass structure mirrors the surrounding area beautifully.

Lentos museum @Linz

But the day was to gorgeous to spend it inside, so we walked back to the Hauptplatz (main square).

Hauptplatz @Linz

That’s a really large square and it looked rather empty on that late Friday afternoon. On Saturday a flea market is held, on both sides of the square, and it took us forever to check out all the stalls.

plague column with flea market around it @Linz

busy Saturday morning @Linz

On that Friday though it was the ‘Long Night of the Church’. Again, this is also something I never thought I would be part of. But apparently this weekend was the time for many firsts. We passed the Bishop’s palace, which was also open to the public. We slipped inside and, since we didn’t want to participate in any of the sessions,  strolled through the walled garden behind the palace. What a stunning property in the middle of the city.

inside the walled garden @Bischofshof Linz

hydrangeas @Bischofshof Linz

The next day was spent with shopping, Linz has some excellent boutiques like Mona Lenz, Kleider machen Leute, or Zwei auf der Spittelwiese. You can really spend a lot of time and money here. Thankfully we had to get ready for the concert, otherwise the weekend would have gotten even more expensive. The Dead South played for two hours despite torrential rainfalls with only a short technical break due to a severe weather warning. Once the danger of becoming electrocuted by lightning had passed, the show continued in the rain.

The Dead South @Posthof

We finished the evening with drinks at Röders Music Bar, waiting out the rain before heading back to the AirBnB.

delicious drinks @Röders Music Bar

We ended our weekend with breakfast at Little Dancer, about two minutes from our AirBnB. The place was packed, which speaks for its popularity, but we snagged a table outside.

mini terrace @Little Dancer

The sun was beating down again, as if last night’s thunderstorm never happened. Due to the sunshade the food had a green tinge though. More on the pictures than in reality. In any case, I can very much recommend Little Dancer. The food was great, the service friendly despite being sorely taxed. Definitely a spot worth revisiting when I am in Linz again.

breakfast @Little Dancer

But it was not just Little Dancer, it’s Linz as a whole, which surprised me. I have not been fair to this city so far. Linz is a great weekend destination! Thankfully I remedied that and I am looking forward to coming back. Yours, Pollybert

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