Cristo Redentor

We had a lovely evening with Rod’s family and enjoyed seafood risotto and some kind of vegetarian risotto. Rod’s family is originally from Italy. So you can imagine, it was quite delicious. We were also invited to join them today going to the Sambadrome, they will help us to get some tickets for the bleachers. Although we both don’t really care about the carnival, we have decided to put this experience under ‘Been there, done that’ and just use the chance to go see it.

This morning I was rudely awakened by Sylvia, letting me know to get ready. There was Cristo to see. Actually slept really well, although same party going on in front of our window. The two beers might have helped a bit.

We took the bus 583 directly to the national park and were lucky with all the line ups. It’s now 1pm and we’re back on the 583. And we saw Cristo Redentor, which is impressive.


On the way back the bus was full of people in carnival mood and they all started to make music. The people here just seem so happy and friendly. It is almost impossible not to walk around with a permanent smile on our faces. What a difference to the grumpy Viennese.

Just came back to the hostel from a late lunch. Really enjoy the view from our room. Almost only six-packs insight. As Sylvia says it’s almost unbearable to see someone chubby. We are really spoiled here and Sylvia is watching with her tongue hanging out.

Of course they just walk by, not giving me a lot of chances to take pics.
Anyway, we can see them and you have to use your imagination.

We have to get ready for the Sambadrome now. More about this tomorrow. Yours, Pollybert

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