Rio, hot & sweaty

We made it through the first night with a lot of tossing and turning. At least I did, Sylvia just slept like a stone. No mosquitoes and roaches in sight. Insofar the Hostel Terasse is wonderful.

We are having breakfast with a lot of eye candy around. Lovely lads, good physique, unfortunately most of them are gay. At least in and around the hostel. But we’re told by our check-in guy that we will be a big hit in Brazil. White girls with blue eyes. Let’s see what happens…

Are waiting in line to ascend to the sugar loaf. Were taking the bus 511 to get there. Kind of difficult to get on it. One has to indicate with hand signs that one wants to get on. And the drivers are not really looking. So Sylvia jumped on the road and risked her life to stop the bus (just kidding).

The Brazilians are really taking their carnival serious. Lots of people are in costume. Even during the day. We found out that it is a long weekend for them, only going back to work on Ash Wednesday.

So at the moment we are waiting in line for the cable car with hundreds of other tourists. It’s about 30 degrees and we are just melting. At least the locals are sweating too.


The sugar loaf is everything you expect and then some more. Really lovely scenery, beaches everywhere and lots of little green “loafs” around. On the way down we enjoyed a late lunch which consisted of mixed fresh fruits.

We took the bus 512 back to the hostel. No chance to make the Cristo Redentor on the same day. It took us about 2 hours just to go back. The city is crowded with people in fancy dress and we had such fun to watch them from the bus passing us. They were all in a hurry to get somewhere while we had no plans. No back in the hostel we got an invitation from Rod to join his family for a Spanish dinner.
Am leaving you with some impressions from today.
Yours, Pollybert




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