Butterflies and other wild creatures

Yesterday we had to start early to catch a bus to Petaloudes at 9:55. Our usual breakfast time is around 8:30-45, but since we arrived we have managed to be always the last to leave the breakfast area. There is no need to rush, we are on vacation after all, and once you get used to the coffee, it is very pleasant to drink cup after cup of Nescafé, read and enjoy the Internet (which works better in the mornings).

So yesterday we had to change our routine and leave a bit earlier to wait next to the road for the bus. The estimated arrival at our junction was 9:55. We of course arrived a bit earlier, not to miss the bus since it only passes 3 times a day for the direction of the valley. I am glad that we used a lot of sun screen cause the bus came around 10:10 and it was quite hot waiting in the sun. This time we also had no trouble with the tickets which we bought at the reception. We were told that the bus drivers are currently on strike and are therefore not selling any tickets on the bus (I now think we didn’t look merely honest but also super cute for the driver to let us get on without tickets the other day).

We arrived in Petaloudes after a short drive.


The valley was beautiful to walk in, the light and shadows creating a pleasant atmosphere to idle away a morning. Only the other tourists were a bit annoying. The butterflies themselves were not so interesting. They are all the same subspecies (Jersey Tiger moth) and mostly resting. They need to sleep during the day and relax. Apparently the tourists are too stressful for them and one has to keep quiet while walking through the valley. Therefore I am ashamed to say, the butterflies looked their most beautiful when two small children left the path, made a lot of noise and wind and all the butterflies around them started to fly. When their wings are spread they have a dark red color. Closed they look like this.




We walked all the way up to the little Monastry of Kalopetra. A small church that makes a bit of money selling water and drinks, with tables in the shade and a beautiful view.



On the way down we saw this caterpillar that from its size alone had to be a different species. Also it was not clear where head or tail was.


I will also introduce you today to the small frog which waits almost every evening in front of our bungalow door.

Then here we have the noisy cicadas, entertaining us from early morning on with their music. I think these two mating (at least I hope they are not killing each other)

The cow we saw the first couple of days on the way to the beach. Since two days it’s gone, I just hope it didn’t drop dead from the heat.

And then there are always some others guests we didn’t invite.


The rest of the day was spent napping in our room. Later we went to the Whispery Sea for ice coffee (cold Nescafé with ice cubes) and then more napping on the beach. Dinner was tried again at the hotel and this time it was a tasty affair. When expectations are low, one can still be surprised. A lesson to be well remembered!
Yours, Pollybery

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  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    … and beeing a vegetarian I do hope the cow did not end up on a grill ;-) animal stories are always appreciated!!

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