Good girls go to Paradisi

Not much new in Paradisi. Spent the whole day at the beach in Paradisi and played around with the camera app from Hipstamatic. This is the result.



Havaianas from Brazil!


That was basically it for the day. In the evening we walked into Paradisi again. Before dinner we tried the local pharmacy to look for Korres products. We found quite a bit and also got a super cute beach bag each (honestly, we only bought a few products).


And when we left, we heard ‘Bye girls!’

For dinner we tried the BBQ place at the main square.


Shared delicious Souflaki and Greek salad, washed down with Mythos.

A last beer at our usual hang-out where we were greeted like the lost daughters (we didn’t go there yesterday). Got invited again for a beer, this time by the BBQ guy. And were called ‘good girls’ by our friend from the beach. I really think we are the main attraction in Paradisi at the moment (still no other tourists in the airport village). They really are charming these Greek men!
Yours, Pollbert

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