Last day in paradise

Universal truth: all good things must come to an end and so was our vacation. We were leaving in the evening so we tried really hard to make the most of the day.
We had a long breakfast again during which I was writing my blog while eating English style breakfast with eggs, baked beans and bacon. After that the Greek version of breakfast with yoghurt and honey while reading the news, and also trying to relax in between. There is always so much to do and so little time. So how do you handle this? By doing nothing the rest of the day. And that’s exactly how we spent our last day.
We packed our luggage and went to the beach. One last ice coffee at the Whispering Sea, swimming as much as possible in the sea, reading the last magazines we had with us as not bring any back and trying to soak up as much sun and sea as possible.
And here is the result of one week in paradise.

Paradisi, definitely worth a vacation!
Yours, Pollybert

PS: I finished ‘Requiem (Delirium Trilogy, Band 3)‘ by Lauren Oliver today. The end was quick, am not sure I am happy about it. Maybe there will be a volume 4?
Will concentrate now on ‘Furious Love‘ from Sam Kashner.
Went to the gym after work today, have seen myself on the beach all of last week. Really need to work out harder! Ok, really just need to work out!

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