Right in the middle or ‘Mittendrin’

There is a new project in Vienna, which involves a flat share with homeless persons and students. The VinziRast – mittendrin is almost downtown, right next to two university departments and only 10 minutes from my place. I have seen a report on tv about the flat share program and how it works. And it really looks as if it is something special for both sides. They are learning from each other, giving the homeless a chance to social reintegration and while teaching students to treat everyone without prejudice.
Also since the house is almost downtown it brings a disadvantaged group right into the middle of things. We all learn from each other and stop looking away!

So yesterday I went there for dinner with friends. In the apartment building, which consists of ten apartments, is a restaurant on the ground floor which is called ‘Mittendrin’ (right in the middle). The restaurant shows how something beautiful can be created from things others throw away. The ceiling and the walls are partly made from old wooden fruit crates, old doorknobs get a second life as coat and purse hangers at the bar.

We met first in the garden, but the slightly cool wind brought us inside.

My friend Sylvia, keeping us waiting while she was on the phone

meanwhile giving us a good look at her gigantic blisters which she got from her new golf shoes.

I know, it’s awful (and must have hurt!!), but she made me look at them and this was before dinner. So why shouldn’t you?

On to dinner then. This time Sylvia made sure that I took pictures of all courses. First course for Sylvia, was a sour-cream soup with herbs, then felafel lasagna.

For Angi spare ribs

and for myself lamb korma.

Pavlova and apricot cake for dessert.

The food was delicious, service impeccable and courteous, and the prices very reasonable. We had a wonderful evening and I can only highly recommend the Mittendrin (it is closed in August due to the roadside construction outside). Cheers!
Yours, Pollybert





  1. sounds great, I was already planning to go there – practically next doors to my place :-) I know the architect – we happened to arrive to the clinic his wife and me giving birth to our first kids! it’s a small small world!!!

  2. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    I agree the food was great!!! The place is very recommendable-it almost made me forget my blister pain …it still hurts today though :-(

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