Another festival

Sunday afternoon turned out quite differently than planned. In May my friends and I went wine tasting in Burgenland for an afternoon. Since we had such a lovely time we decided to take these day trips more often and agreed on last Sunday for another outing.
Initially we had an afternoon in the amusement park Prater planned with a later visit to the Schweizerhaus, then a picnic and in the end we went to a beer festival, the Braukulturwochen at the Ottakringer Brauerei (a local Viennese brewery).
This festival runs over a period of 10 weeks, with films, concerts and introduces a different brewery from around Austria every week. When we went on Sunday there was nothing happening…

We tried both available brands, Ottakringer (it’s their festival) and Forster (so-so). Due to it being Sunday there were not a lot of people. Also it closed at 6pm (only on Sunday) and the food didn’t look so inviting.

In the end we split, the three on the right were heading home and the rest went to the MQ Halle for burgers and fries. And since it was such a lovely evening I decided to walk downtown to get an ice cream at Gelateria.
On the way we made some beautiful pictures.

We passed the Michaelerkirche which was still decorated from the wedding the day before. An Austrian stylist married an English banker and Emma Watson attended as well. I love Hermione!


Besides drinking beer and eating burgers, I also went for a short run on Saturday
and finished my books. First ‘The Paris Wife‘ by Paula McLain. It is a very compelling story about the first wife (he had four and a few on the side) of Ernest Hemingway, Hadley Richardson. What I found interesting was the information how much of his own experiences went into his first novel ‘Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises‘. The book reads fast and one meets all kinds of fascinating writers from the 20’s. It also reminded me of the Woody Allen movie ‘Midnight in Paris’.
The second book was ‘Furious Love‘ by Sam Kashner, the love story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. It took me a while to finish it, but I wanted to take my time. The book was amazing and what makes it so great is that it is not fiction. These two people had it all and their enigmatic personalities are coming alive on the pages. By now I am quite obsessed with them. I started to google them to see if there are interviews online. And there are, also tons of pictures, stories and so on. It will take me some time to go through it all. I hope my obsession will abate with time.
Yours, Pollybert

PS: I have started now with ‘Life of Pi‘ by Yann Martel

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