My “personal Jesus” still rocks

After spending a perfect Saturday afternoon first in front of the TV watching Austria win a silver medal in the male biathlon sprint (yeah, way to go team Austria!) and then drinking a bit of prosecco with some friends (who showed no understanding for my being late due to nationalism during Olympic times; something I will remember!), I was on the way to see Depeche Mode. My good friend from Vienna1971 sponsored me with a ticket for the concert.

I really looked forward to seeing them live again (maybe it was the prosecco) because I don’t remember ever buying any of their albums. Maybe I like them better now because they remind me of my youth? And of course when I look at them I have the feeling I aged way better than they did (might be a question of drugs…).
They started with a couple of songs I haven’t heard (probably from the new album) and then already quite early in the show they played something recognizable and the hall erupted. Since the mean age must have been over 45, the enthusiasm was a bit on the quiet side. Still we ‘old’ people danced and partied like we were young again. Although the guy next to me must have lost his hearing in the last couple of years because all of a sudden during the concert he leaned over and said: “This could also be ‘Frankie goes to Hollywood’. It sounds almost like ‘Relax, don’t do it’. And then he started humming along. Maybe it’s not just the band that used a lot of drugs…

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the show which I liked a lot. Dave Gahan is still very enigmatic. As usual sorry for the grainy quality of the pictures, they were all done by yours truly. Yours, Pollybert



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