White Nights in Vienna

There are white nights for example in St. Petersburg (and I am only using this as a reference because I have already seen them) where the sun never really sets, and day and night have almost the same quality of light. And there are other “White Nights” where you party with your friends, all dressed in white. I will talk about the latter ones here!

Last Friday (again a Friday, I seem to not be able to stay one Friday at home) we were celebrating two birthdays. Into one and the other belated. I don’t know if this really makes sense but basically it was just to give the whole-getting together a name. Who needs a reason when you want to meet your friends?

We started the evening with drinks at the Palmenhaus. And of course once you get into the spirit we just started doing selfies.

605 606 607 608

I really think we look gorgeous therefore I had to post all of them. White definitely becomes us all!

Some time later we made our way to the club for which we got dressed all in white in the first place. Maybe a bit early since all the youngsters showed up a lot later. When I was younger I wouldn’t go out before 11pm at all. Yes, times have definitely changed!

The club offered also two Casino tables, one Black Jack and one Roulette. We got the chips for free and played for little gifts. I know this sounds terrible, but probably the casino just wants to make sure that also the youngsters get interested in playing. A casino visit is off-limits until you turn 21. So my friend and I played a bit of Roulette and as luck would have it, when you don’t care, you win! And I won big, basically I broke the bank!

Since I wanted to get back to our table after a couple of rounds, I suggested to put everything on our birthdays. Whoever thought mine would come?

Since I was not so much into the gifts we took a handful of “chocolate chips” and shared them with our friends. Since we were one of the few over 21 at this club, we also got coupons for a bottle of sparkling wine each at the casino. Another girls night out ahead of us!


Around 1am three of us said our goodbyes, we are after all older than the birthday girls. We planned on walking for a bit to get some fresh air after the smoky club and ended up in the Hard Rock Café.

It turned out to be the opening night, something we only found out a couple of days later. We had one drink each and then called it a night.
As you can see we were already tired and the other guests did nothing for us to keep us awake.
It was lovely with you ladies, let’s do that again soon!
Yours, Pollybert


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