Alpine Rose

It took me about a week to regenerate after a weekend in the Alps. It might have been all the fresh air, but it could also have been the hard partying which exhausted me so much.
We left Friday in the early afternoon to drive all the way to Kitzbühel. Kitzbühel is not only famous in winter for its skiing and the Hahnenkammrennen but also boasts a tennis tournament in summer. The final falls together with the yearly village fair. Perfect time to get out the dirndl and party!

Friday evening started with the legendary Almrauschparty at Rosi’s Alm. We took a taxi going up, already knowing that driving to an all-inclusive event would be a grave error. Not all guests planned so far ahead, the next day we learned about quite a few “lost” driver’s licenses.
Finally up at Rosi’s Alm this view greeted us. And it ended up raining half the evening. Which was a shame since most of the party happened now in the tent and therefore the pictures have a really bad quality.

You probably expected now pictures of all the C and D stars and starlets, so I am sorry to disappoint you. For these you have to click here. Lots of professional pictures and you will get a fairly good impression of the clientele. The party caters almost exclusively to the Bavarians but here and there you can find some Italians from South Tyrol and Viennese (I think just us) in between.
We had a blast and partied intensely, getting to know a lot of people. Since it is in a closed location, you start talking to everyone in your vicinity. At some point we decided it was enough but then waited 40 minutes for a taxi to get us back down. There is no queuing in the mountains, whoever is the fastest gets the taxi. Should have remembered that from skiing!

Saturday was another beautiful day, we spent the morning in bed to recover but for lunch drove somewhere to soak up the sun and get something to eat. I wish I could remember the name of the place, but will have to ask a friend. I need to go back there anyway because they had the world’s best Moosbeernocken (sorry that the recipe is in German, it’s a dumpling made almost entirely from blueberries with just a bit of batter to hold it all together).

After lunch and a nap we got ready again, now for the village fair. We went again by taxi, because parking is difficult and nobody wanted to be the designated driver. Everybody wanted to party! We paid the entrance fee and made our way into the city.
 It turned out to be good thing to have been to the party the night before. We knew quite a few people already. So seeing them again at the fair was like meeting old friends. We had made plans the night before with some of them, but who knew that everybody would remember or whom we would meet just by chance.
After staying until the wee hours of the morning not just at the fair but also visiting a club, we slept until noon, then packed our things and drove back to Vienna. But not without stopping for a late lunch/early dinner at the Gasthaus zur Drachenwand halfway. Cheers to a great weekend with great friends!
Yours, Pollybert



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