Leaving Ios – going home

Isn’t going home just the hardest part of a vacation? Especially when it was really great? Knowing that back home temperatures had already dropped and that it felt more like fall than summer? As much as I enjoyed seeing temperatures plummeting into the cellar while I was away, I now dreaded going back to these same weather conditions that I laughed at from afar.
Whatever my feelings concerning the weather at home, this could not be changed or put off. Home we went and no way around it. So I finally took the time to take some pictures of Petros Place, especially of the breakfast area that we frequented every morning. We sat in the exact same nook as the one opposite.

The surfboard at the entrance made me feel welcome as if I had come to the right place. Which turned out correct, it was the right place for us (and I later learned that my younger brother had already stayed here 10 years ago). I still don’t know why it was the board that gave me this feeling. Because I can’t surf. I tried it once years ago in Sri Lanka and could get up probably once or twice that afternoon.

My teacher, a young and agile boy, was smiling all afternoon (more likely laughing his head off once I was gone) while I desperately tried to come to terms with the balance on the board. In the end I gave up exhausted but proud. As said before I got up once or twice and probably surfed a couple of meters. So maybe the board reminded me of this experience and the vacation with my family. Whatever it was, it made me feel at home.
After a quick breakfast it was one more time to the beach. Not Mylopotas which was too far for this one hour left to us, but the one right next tot the hotel. Also a great place to say goodbye to the sea for 2014. No dip into the water for me, but just relaxing on the beach, reading my book and getting caressed by the wind and the sun made it the perfect parting place.


And then with just minutes to spare back to the hotel, a quick shower and off to the ferry. See how overcast the sky was when we left Petros Place? Even heaven was sad to see us go!

There was no need to hurry since the ferry as usual turned out to be late. Didn’t we learn anything on this trip?

This time though we only had to wait an extra 30 minutes and then we were already on the way to Santorini. The boat was packed, even the upper deck was full. We needed a plan to get a cab to the airport before everybody else because our schedule was quite tight with not more than an hour to spare.

Turns out C is quite the organizer under stress. He was the first off the boat from our group and managed to snag a cab and hold on to it. Not an easy feat, I swear. Suitcases got loaded and unloaded in this cab but in the end he prevailed and we got it! And off we went into lofty heights with our Georgian driver and I got a good look at this sea monster. Would you want to go on vacation on board of this cruise ship?

Not much more happened, we got to the airport on time, checked in and used the spare hour to grab a last Greek salad before embarking. Upon arrival Vienna treated us well with temperatures in the 20s and sun. Way more than we expected! It’s nice to get surprised in such a way.
And since our trip turned out so well we decided on not calling it a night but went all together for an Austrian dinner at RosnovskyUndCo. After a Wiener Schnitzel I was ready for a greater role. Meet Olivia the youngest addition to our group! Yours, Pollybert



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