What I learned in Ios

As done before here and here I will try to put together a list with things/feelings I took from this vacation.

  • It’s totally agreeable to visit an island where there is no sightseeing possible
  • Greek meze rock!
  • There is only so much I can read while on the beach, sometimes all I want to do is watch the sea
  • I actually wrote the above sentence, which must make it true
  • Doing nothing gets better every day
  • I could watch my girth grow every day
  • Healthy food does not mean diet food
  • It does seem weird for other people when three single adults travel together, but not all dare to ask how we are connected
  • Ios is great for all ages
  • Life doesn’t get much better when you travel with your friends!

Yours, Pollybert
(Pictures thanks to Pat!)


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