In the pink of things

When I look out of my window on a day like this, I can’t help but feeling a bit gloomy. The sun has left Vienna and will probably not make a comeback until next spring. Ok, maybe that’s not fair, but this is the impression one gets from this high fog weather. Always grey in grey, a bit windy and kind of wet. And all of a sudden everybody runs with a scowl around. Hurrah, welcome to Vienna in autumn!

Besides doing a mountain of sports to combat the fall depression, one has to find his Prozac wherever possible. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be a pill, sometimes getting together with friends helps as well! And what’s better than getting together and partying?


I know it’s not really visible but last Friday I got invited to the Wiener Wiesn, an event that tries hard to become the next Oktoberfest. Just missing a few tents (and maybe 176 years of experience). Never mind, we Austrians can party on a smaller scale and have lots of fun.

The tent I got invited to held the GLTB party, therefore everything was bathed in pink light. All the guys were gorgeous (at least the unavailable ones), the girls not so much (except for us of course).


Right away a woman came up to us and told us that they might be lesbians but that they don’t bite. Which was good to know because from then on we partied like there was no tomorrow. In all honesty it was not fear of being bitten the damped our spirit in the beginning, it was our being sober compared to the alcohol level of everyone around. We needed some time to catch up!


And then Pat arrived and we were back in vacation mode.


I made lots of new friends for this evening


but had the most fun with the girls!

Thank you Nina, Leni, Pat for another wonderful memory! I had the best evening with you girls! We have to do this again soon!
Yours, Pollybert
PS: I just recently got these pictures and I really think that they belong in this post. So an update is needed.





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