Back with the living

After being holed up in my apartment for a while and watching Scandal, I finally ventured out into the world again and had a couple of really great happenings.

First off was an evening of trying and buying dresses from Niko Fechter. My friend Cat got a gift certificate from this Austrian designer for her birthday and invited all her friends who chipped in to tag along to help her choose the perfect outfit. Which we did on this very long evening that ended with me buying two dresses and a pullover. Something that was not planned at all, but once in a while I just have to let go as well and reward myself for being such a good girl! In the end I was not the only one who tried on a few things, we all did and while doing so we had glasses of pink sparkling wine. The perfect girlie evening.

Almost no pictures though from this wonderful night, but I have to share this one with you. My friend from Deli Bluem in a great jumpsuit which she forewent for a much more needed mixer. This girl really gets her priorities straight! But doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?

This one evening set me back another weekend, it had been too early to go out that long again and another two days with Scandal were spent at home. But last week I finally emerged from the sick bed and took my place in the living world again.

Amongst other outings there was one special evening that had already been rescheduled three times. Last Friday we finally made it happen. As some of you might remember in August I went to a party where they had a prop Casino table and I “broke” the bank. Not so much the bank after all but we won a lot of chocolate chips and vouchers for bottles of sparkling wine to be enjoyed at the Casino. On the way home from this legendary “White Night” we decided on drinking these bottles together, so the three of us made our way to Bada Sushi first and then with an aroma of fried food on us to the Casino. (It’s a shame by the way that I didn’t take any pictures of the food at Bada Sushi because the food is amazing although the place looks unappealing. So I don’t want to bury the place here but it will get its own post eventually one of these days.)

The Casino in Vienna is not really such a great place on the weekend, full of tourists and really weird looking people. And the free sparkling wine is actually one great cause of headache. Nonetheless we had a fun evening, all dressed up in our finest (Cat and I both wearing our new Niko Fechter outfits) and playing with a really, really fun and charming croupier Black Jack with chocolate chips. The evening ended on a high note for me when I got my entrance fee back and won 3 (three) Euros (you just have to know when to stop)! A very successful night!

And Yesterday I had the pleasure to go with my great-uncle once again to the Musikverein. As you know I have already been a couple of times, recently with my younger brother (which when I looked it up was not so recent after all). Anyway, yesterday I went again with my uncle. Love it when I can accompany him as alone I would probably never go. Ricardo Muti was in town with his Chicago Symphony Orchestra to conduct Tschaikowskij, Strawinsky and Schumann. And as bonus Nabucco from Verdi. Lovely evening, lovely company! Really enjoy being out again!
Yours, Pollybert
And since Ricardo Muti is not just anyone, the Austrian president delighted us with his presence as well.


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